Clean Water Wiki

A collaborative effort to map, maintain, and build drinking water sources.

About CleanWaterWiki

In regions of known water scarcity, people can often spend more than 6 hours of each day gathering water of varying quality.

1 in 9 people don't have access to safe water.

Based on the idea of using technology and crowdsourcing, CleanWaterWiki works on a global scale to share vital information for those in under-developed areas in need of safe water sources. Learn More

This project was insired by the Clean Water Mapping challenge in the 2015 Space Apps Challenge.

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Open Source

The data and code for this project are Open Source and freely available for download.



Currently, the CleanWaterWiki team is solely made up of its creator, Marling Engle. Marling is a software engineer and entrepreneur based in Northeast Ohio.

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